Welcome to Myrthe Apartments

Myrthe, the name of the family apartment complex in the center of Myrtos, is a combination of the village name Myrtos (Greek way of spelling) and the myrtle, a shrub with a delicate fragrance in its leaves. In ancient times the myrtle was a plant dedicated to goddesses and later to Saint Mary. Myrthe apartments are just a few steps from the promenade and the beach. Nearby the visitor finds all facilities, such as shops, restaurants and coffee bars, pharmacy, bakery, etc. without having to get into his car. The balconies of Myrthe take you on a journey to the endless blue of the sea of ​​the mountain or the plain.

It is accessible for every visitor.

Due to the warm climate and the amenities offered by the apartments (air conditioning, halogen stoves), Myrthe is open all year round and suitable for longer stays in the off-season. The supermarkets, the butcher, the bakery, the pharmacy, cafes and some restaurants remain open all year round!