Myrtos is located 14 km west of Ierapetra at the exit of a fertile valley with greenhouses, olive groves and citrus crops through which the river Kryos (Kryopotamos) flows. Myrtos, is a village of about 600 inhabitants along the south coast in the east of Crete. During the holiday season from April to the end of October it welcomes individual traveling guests from all over Europe or even from other parts of the world. There is no mass tourism, no big hotels, the accommodation, restaurants and shops are mostly run by local families. In the winter months it is a perfect place to escape the cold of the northern countries and enjoy the mild subtropical climate. Myrtos is a seaside village that has experienced a mild form of development in recent years, but fortunately, it has not altered its traditional style. The absolute tranquility and the lacy beaches of Myrtos, with the fine ash pebbles that do not stick to the feet, have gained fanatical fans. Here there are many mostly small hotels, cafes, museum, taverns, supermarket, doctor’s office, pharmacy, money machine.The beach in front of the settlement stretches over a large area and is one of the most beautiful in southern Crete and is preferred mainly for family holidays. The area is not affected by the strong north winds as, as the locals say, Myrtos is “the place where it never blows”. It is organized with a lifeguard, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, cafes and restaurants, while there are infrastructures for water sports and beach volleyball. If you continue west, the width of the beach becomes wider and calmer. In the village of Myrtos you can stroll along the port or through the traditional alleys, see the green courtyards and the houses reminiscent of the Aegean landscape. It is also worth exploring the nature that surrounds the village and take a walk to Nea Myrto with its many greenhouses. You can still visit the two Minoan settlements, of Fournos, Koryfi and Pyrgos, which were discovered after excavations, as well as the very remarkable Archaeological-Folklore Museum of Myrtos, next to the old church of Agios Antonios.

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More information about Myrtos can be found here: www.mirtoscrete.gr

Activities for the visitor:
In addition to visiting the beach and the promenade with various restaurants and coffee bars for a relaxing holiday, you can also be active in Myrtos.

For those who love walking check out www.mirtoshikingvillage.com

Divers are delighted with the diving center on the promenade: www.scuba.paradisemirtos.com

For car rental and day trip information visit: www.sunbudget.net